How Routine Maintenance Can Help Alleviate Allergy Symptoms

The main function of an HVAC system within any commercial setting is to keep the workers and guests comfortable. A proper functioning system will enhance indoor air quality, providing a healthier environment for everyone. If your staff members frequently suffer from allergy symptoms, it could be time to seek the expertise of the best commercial HVAC companies in Plainfield IL.

We offer all kinds of services for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. You can depend on us to lend a hand with installation, repair, replacement, and even maintenance services. If your unit appears to function just fine yet everyone is battling with one allergy symptom or another, there are a few things we could do to help.

The most basic step is to replace the filters. They help to purify indoor air by trapping particles of dirt, dust, and allergens. Any time the filters are dirty or worn out, they cannot do much to prevent microbes causing allergies from circulating back into your interior. Replacing your old, soiled filters with new HEPA (high-efficiency particular air) filters designed to trap smoke, dust, and pollen particles can help ease allergy symptoms.

Another important service you may need is duct cleaning. Contaminants that are not trapped by the filters end up in the duct system. A clogged duct system could be responsible for circulating air that is filled with allergy-causing contaminants. We can provide duct cleaning assistance and also get your registers and vents cleaned.

If your duct, vents, registers, and filters are clean yet you still experience allergy signs and symptoms, check the state of the outdoor condenser. If it is blocked with dirt or is surrounded by debris, this could be the root of your problem. We will help clear at least a two-foot perimeter around the outdoor condenser and also clean it to ensure only clean air is blown into your premises. Our years of experience give us what it takes to provide lasting solutions.