A Faulty Heating or Cooling Unit Is a Serious Problem

You can get heating or AC repair service in Plainfield, IL by calling JFrank Heating & Air, LLC

Is your HVAC system up to code? If not, your family could be at risk of shivering during the winter or sweltering during the summer. Luckily, JFrank Heating & Air, LLC offers AC and heating repair services in Plainfield, Illinois. Whether your air conditioner is making strange noises or your furnace won't heat your whole house, our heating and AC repair technicians can handle the job. Your home will feel cozy and comfortable again in no time at all.

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Get rid of your broken-down unit

Some damage is too extensive to handle with a simple AC or heating repair. That's when you need to upgrade to a better, newer system. Our team performs reliable HVAC replacements. You can trust us to help you find the best system for your space and install it efficiently.

Not sure if your HVAC system will last through the season? Ask about our HVAC replacements now by calling 630-670-4093.

Service Repairs/Diagnostics

Our Technicians are some of the best in the industry when it comes to the repair and diagnostic of you central heating and air conditioning systems. We guarantee the correct diagnosis the first time and ensure you piece of mind with our exclusive craftsmanship and labor guarantees. This allows you to save money from any unnecessary or incorrect repairs from improper diagnosis that may cause further damage to your heating or air conditioning systems

Service Call Fee: The Service Call Fee is a fee that you pay to cover our technician's time to drive to your home and diagnose your systems failure. This fee is the least amount that you will pay if no other work were to be completed.

Home Buyer Inspection Fee: The Home Buyer Inspection Fee is for customer looking to purchase a home but wants the central heating and air conditioning system checked prior to purchasing. Even though Buyers will have a Home Inspection completed during this process, the Home Inspection report is only a general indication of the system's operation and not inspected in full detail. The Home Buyer Inspection provides a detailed report that piggybacks off the Home Inspection Report to identify the overall condition of the central heating and air conditioning system. This also includes any recommendations or corrective actions if the system is outside of the MGF specifications, options with detailed pricing of corrective solutions, and built in replacement cost proposal price to help potential buyers make proper negotiations and educated decisions on the central heating and air conditioning systems. Plus, we guarantee this inspection for up to 180 days after you close on the house. This means if something fails within that time and it was not covered in the inspection report, we will repair or, if needed, replace the system at no charge to you.

Second Opinion: Our Second opinion ensures that if you received a diagnosis or corrective solutions to your system by another company, and are weary of the report, we can re-inspect your system and provide you with our results. Our free service requires a paid invoice with the diagnostic report from the other company to validate a second opinion.

Parts: We use quality parts that are purchased directly from our suppliers only. The parts that we obtain are through certified suppliers which provide chain of custody. While Homeowners look to find ways to save money, the internet provides valuable resources and often lower pricing. Unfortunately, due to laws, liabilities and regulations, we cannot install any parts that have been purchased by the homeowner.